The Ultimate Guide to Men's Jewelry: Pieces, Colors, and Combinations

by Tony oyeleke on October 22, 2023

In recent years, jewelry has transcended traditional boundaries, becoming a prominent fashion statement for men. Whether you're trying to elevate your daily look, stand out at a special event, or simply express yourself, choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a game-changer. For the modern man, there's a plethora of choices. So, let's dive into the world of men's jewelry and break down chain styles, metal colors, and the art of pairing them with bracelets, rings, and pendants.

1. Chain Styles: Understanding the Basics

  • Cuban Chain: A timeless favorite, the Cuban chain boasts a thick, intertwined link design. Perfect for those who love a bold, statement look. Pairing a Cuban chain with a simple pendant can balance its heft. If you're going for a bracelet, a matching Cuban link bracelet complements the chain seamlessly.

  • Figaro Chain: Characterized by its pattern of alternating short and long links, the Figaro chain is versatile and can be both subtle or eye-catching based on its width. This style pairs wonderfully with detailed pendants due to its less busy design.

  • Franco Chain: This squared link chain is tightly interwoven, giving it strength and a sleek appearance. Franco chains work brilliantly on their own or with a pendant. If you're into matching sets, a Franco bracelet would be a perfect accompaniment.

  • Tennis Necklace: A deviation from the typical chunky male chains, the tennis necklace is a line of closely-set diamonds or gemstones. Ideal for formal settings, this necklace speaks sophistication and elegance. Pair it with a minimalist ring or bracelet to let the necklace be the star of the show.

2. Choosing the Right Metal Color

Men's jewelry typically comes in three primary metal colors:

  • Yellow Gold: Classic and rich, yellow gold is a versatile choice that offers a warm and luxurious feel. It pairs especially well with darker skin tones.

  • White Gold or Silver: Cool and contemporary, white gold or silver offers a modern aesthetic. It's versatile, making it perfect for both casual and formal wear.

  • Rose Gold: A more recent favorite, rose gold combines the warmth of yellow gold with the coolness of copper. It complements all skin tones and is especially striking on paler complexions.

Remember, the metal color you choose should resonate with your personal style and skin tone, but don’t be afraid to mix and match!

3. Pendants: The Perfect Complement

Pendants can add a personal touch to your chains. Depending on the vibe you're going for, you could opt for:

  • Dog Tags: Perfect for a rugged, masculine look, especially on a Cuban or Figaro chain.

  • Crosses or Religious Symbols: Express your faith stylishly. They look particularly appealing on a Franco chain.

  • Lockets or Medallions: These offer a vintage appeal and can be a conversation starter.

4. Bracelets: Linking it Together

When pairing chains with bracelets, consider coordination. If you've chosen a Cuban chain, for instance, a Cuban link bracelet can complete the look. However, mixing styles, like wearing a Franco chain with a Tennis bracelet, can create an intriguing contrast.

5. Rings: The Finishing Touch

Rings are a subtle yet powerful accessory:

  • Band Rings: Sleek and simple, they can be paired with almost any chain or bracelet.

  • Signet Rings: Carrying a vintage charm, signet rings go well with classic chains like Cuban or Figaro.

  • Gemstone Rings: To add a pop of color, opt for rings with gemstones. They can be matched with the gemstones on a Tennis necklace for cohesion.


Men's jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's an expression of personality, style, and attitude. Whether you’re new to the jewelry game or looking to expand your collection, remember to choose pieces that resonate with you. Experiment with combinations, be it chain styles, metal colors, or additional accessories, until you find the ensemble that feels uniquely ‘you’. Happy accessorizing!